Casino Mocca

2 years ago

Casino Mocca

This week we are featuring coffee from a roaster in Budapest, Hungary.

We have two for filter and one as espresso.

Filter –


The secret to this exceptional and very special lot is wood, which is usually NOT the ‘secret ingredient’ you are looking for in a specialty coffee. Now this is something totally different: this nano lot of Marsellesa, Mundo Maya and Evaluna Hybrids has been aged in parchment for three weeks in whisky barrels, repurposed from the Brown Forman Group resulting in a complex, boozy cup.

Tasting notes: Blue grape, rum punch, walnut

Ethiopia, Ana Sora

The Guji Zone of Ethiopia was previously categorized as a sub-region of Sidamo, but has proven itself distinct and gained rep- utation because of its unique and differentiating flavour profiles. This wet processed batch of several heirloom varieties comes from Israel Degfa’s own plantation named Ana Sora.

Tasting notes: Nectarine, Lime, Bergamont

Espresso –

Costa Rica, Perla Negra

Oscar Chacón is a true innovator in the Costa Rican coffee-producing scene. In addition to his achievements in natural and honey processing, he was among the first to switch to fully organic farming. Oscar’s newly introduced coffee is a blend of natu- ral-processed Caturra and Catuai varieties, dried on raised African beds.

Tasting notes: Cranberry, Blackberry, Dark Chocolate