Da Matteo Göteborg

2 years ago

Da Matteo Göteborg

It has arrived! Our weekly coffee from @damatteo Gothenburg. In 1993 Matts Johansson started the café Java that later in 2003 would become Da Matteo. With the vision of roasting their own coffee with a mixture of nordic and Italian coffee shops they started in July 2007 to roast on their own.

This week we present to you these three coffees:

Modern Espresso, Lyula AA- Mbozi Tanzania. Flavour profile: Sweet & lean with tones of citrus and mandarin.
Juan Saldarriaga #3 – Boliviar Colombia. Flavour tones: Floral & fresh with notes of red apples and vanilla.
Gakuyuini AA – Kirinyaga Kenya. Flavour profile: Juicy & sweet with tones of black currant.

Da Matteo – kaffeföretag i hjärtat av Göteborg