Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters

2 years ago

During this week we have Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters on our shelves at Djäknegatan number 9. ☕️Gringo Nordic is a curious little coffee roasting company in Gothenburg, Sweden.🇸🇪 The roastery is established in May 2018 and committed to make great coffee.

During this week we have the following coffee for you to choose from:

– Kongo Kivi Kabuya: This coffee comes from an award-winning cooperative that has finally put Congo on the coffee map. They have really worked hard, they have planted new coffee trees, trained the farmers and have a rigorous quality control at harvest. Their coffee really has a unique taste. It has the lightness and elegance of an Ethiopian coffee, and the acidity and body of a classic Kenya. This is an amazingly tasty coffee and we find rhubarb, grape and vanilla in its character.

– Colombia La Tierra Primo Natural: A coffee with lower acidity, and a little more fullness and sweetness. The result is a really smooth coffee with subtle fruit tones. Taste: SWEET BERRIES / FRUITY / FULL BODY

– Brasil Alta Vista Honey: Alta Vista is a farm that has won awards in a variety of coffee competitions, including the Cup of Excellence. In this lot, the coffee has been dried in its own sugar and has a soft, sweet and smooth character. Good both as pour over & Espresso. Taste: CARAMEL / CREAMY / MILK CHOCOLATE