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Next week we will be featuring a specialty coffee roaster from Slovakia, Illimité.

“We love simplicity, clean and minimal design, and roasting Specialty coffee to perfection. We do also care about environment in that case we use eco-friendly packaging and roasting coffee on the most advanced roaster of its kind in the world, CoffeeTech FZ-94” (from Illimité’s Facebook page, Illimité Specialty Coffee).

From this roaster we have selected three coffees: 

Candies and Nuts

Is an espresso blend. A blend is composed of several varieties of coffee. Each coffee in a blend contributes an aspect (i.e. body, acidity, mouthfeel, etc.) to the blend.  Candies and Nuts is a blend of “100% arabica specialty coffee, seasonal selection of 86-88 SCAA scored beans. Sweet and full bodied, intense fruit notes and pleasant lasting aftertaste” (link below). The SCAA score is an industry standard:

Total Score Quality Classification

  • 90-100 – Outstanding – Specialty
  • 85-99.99 – Excellent – Specialty
  • 80-84.99 – Very Good – Specialty
  • < 80.0 – Below Specialty Quality – Not Specialty

The coffees used in this blend scored high by SCAA standards and compliment each other in such a manner as to give the blend the description of being ‘Candied and Nutty’. 

We will be featuring two filter coffees this week:

Guatemala, Lot 46

Farmer: Família Pérez-Escobar Finca La Senda

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation 220 hrs

Origin: Huachipilines and Nisperales

Altitude: 1680-1730 m

Harvest: January – March 2019

Tasting notes: Red wine, rum & raisins, grapes

El Salvador, San Joaquin

Farmer: Finca San Joaquin, Guadalupe Alarcon

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Honey

Origin: Chalchuapa

Altitude: 1750 m

Harvest: January 2019

Tasting notes: Peachy, tangerine, fruit jelly


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