Kafferäven Per Nordby

2 years ago

Kafferäven Per Nordby

During this week we have coffee from Per Nordby in our coffeegrinder at Djäkne. Per Nordby is a coffee roastery located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Per is one of the biggest coffee enthusiasts I have ever met and often visiting coffee farms all over the world to meet with farmers and look for producers that share the passion for coffee and take pride in their work.

We are happy to present the following coffees at our shelves for the coming week:

-Guji Gigesa: Roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia. Bold and sweet,
blueberry, fruity cacao.

-Rushashi: Roasted coffee beans from Rwanda. Sweet and juicy, strawberry and dried fruit.

-Espresso A – Adventure: Creamy mouthfeel, cherry, blueberry, lingering aftertaste.

-Gatomboya: Roasted coffee beans from Kenya. Juicy mouthfeel, lime, hibiscus, lingonberry.

-Yemerson: Roasted coffee beans from Costa Rica. Sweet and balanced, caramel, yellow pear.

Website for more information: www.kafferaven.se