5 months ago


New month and we are saying goodbye to Koppi for this time and looking towards some new (old) friends. For this month we present to you Kafferäven roastery. The people that run this roastery are Per, Susanna, and Elin. When they started back in 2013, they had two clear goals: 1) To source, roast, and share the best coffee they could from farmers they know personally. 2) Never cut back on quality while doing it. Those goals have not changed since.

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Producer: Ashok Patre

Origin: Karnataka

Variety: Catuaí

Process: Washed Anaerobic

Altitude: 1250-1450 masl  

Tasting Notes: Creamy, chocolate, almond cake, lingonberry, cacao fruit

Come down to our coffee bar to try them out here or take-away. // Team Djäkne.

Find more information: https://www.kafferaven.se/