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2 years ago

This week our coffee comes from Kollektiv 22, a Roasterie located beneath the mountain Stol in Bled, Slovenia

“In our family, coffee has always brought people together; at breakfasts, after skiing to chat with friends, or sometimes guests stopping by from out of town. In the Alps, coffee is key to mastering the mountains. The timeless and universal appeal of coffee makes it the perfect pillar for a “kolektiv”. At Kolektiv 22, we want to honour the tradition of coffee. We then combine it with the best that this part of the world has to offer. The product is the best of classic recipes of 1920s Viennese style, Italian or Turkish influences, all roasted in the crisp Alpine air” (link below).

Coffee boils differently at altitude, and these immersive brewing methods require that the water which the ground-coffee beans are submerged in needs to be raised to a boil. The closest I’ve come to finding a coffee-style, a coffee brewing method which isn’t from the 1920’s is called ‘cowboy coffee’. A round bottom flask is placed in a heat bath and the water & coffee slurry is brought to a boil. This is technique of making coffee by simultaneously bringing water to a boil with ground-coffee is that these methods of brewing have in common.

Click Here to see a brief interview with the Roaster of Kolektiv 22 

What I found fascinating is where this coffee roaster is located, Bled: “The Alpine pearl on the edge of the Julian Alps with the glacier lake and thermal lake water, island and a castle on the cliff. The lively rhythm of the small lakeside town is calmed by the mild climate and the beauty of mountains reflecting on the lake’s surface, and the surroundings offer excellent conditions for pleasant relaxation or an active vacation in any season” (link below).

We will be featuring two coffees from Kolektiv 22 this week, one as Filter and one as Espresso.

Filter: Papua New Guinea

Origin: Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea
Producer: Smallholder producers
Altitude: 1100 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Arusha, Blue Mountain, Typica
Harvest period: May – August
Classification: PSC A/X
Processing: Washed
Cupping notes: Milk chocolate, slight notes of peach, floral.

This coffee is contrast in a cup, the extreme ends of flavor: One bright and sweet while the other is savory and deep.

Espresso: Honduras

Region: La Paz District, Marcala, Honduras
Producer: Smallholder producers
Altitude: 1200 – 1650 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Catuai, Bourbon, Typica, Lempira, Ihcafe 90
Harvest period: December – March
Classification: Strictly High Grown
Processing: Washed
Cupping notes: Chocolate, nuts, sweet, round body, slight berries.

Thank You Kolektiv 22


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