La Cabra Coffee Roasters

2 years ago

La Cabra Coffee Roasters

La Cabra is a modern coffee roastery based out of Aarhus, Denmark. Curious about what lay further down the coffee chain, La Cabra threw themselves into sourcing and roasting its own coffee in its own way since 2013. Part of the advantage of growing in a small town is a relative lack of external influence, allowing La Cabra to forge an honest and novel approach to coffee.

Recently the roastery have moved production to Copenhagen, where they are running their roasting in a lovely old warehouse in Frederiksberg.

This week we are featuring the following coffees at Djäkne:


Fazenda Bonfim – Brazil:

Creamy mix of milk chocolate and vanilla, and a deep dried fruit sweetness.


-Los Pirineos Washed Bourbon – El Salvador

A desert-like coffee, with heavy chocolate and butterscotch notes punctuated by a top note of fresh apricot.

-Altos Natural – Costa Rica

The iconic coffee from Mauricio Vindas, characterised by its distinct blueberry notes.

Hand brew:

-Gakuyuini AA Kenya
An intense and berry-forward Kenyan coffee, with a heavy ripe plum sweetness.
-Los Pirineos Honey Pacamara – El Salvador
Sweet and creamy lemon curd is balanced by the dryness of cacao nibs and a long hazelnut finish.