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This week we are ordering coffee from a roaster that is not in Malmö nor outside of Sweden, Morgon Coffee Roasters is located in Göteborg, Sverige. 

“We work with special coffee.

It’s a product of extensive care and dedication, passed down from several generations. We want to honour that work by interfering as little as possible, roasting carefully to bring out, and not weigh down the flavours. And by doing so, the coffee can tell its own story – coloured by its own heritage.

Every coffee has an address, we’re just the people helping to tell its story”


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We will feature four of their filter coffees:

Ethiopia, Testi Adorsi

This lot comes from the Adorsi Testi washing station in Aricha and its neighbouring small family plots of land. Aricha, located in the Yirgacheffe region, boasts gorgeous hills of lush green, perfect for growing coffee. Along those hills, at a stunning 2150 meters above sea level, is where the cherries of this lot has been growing and taken care of. The high altitude combined with the mineral rich and fertile soil along with the attention to detail and care at the processing station is some of the many things that makes this coffee so special. Super sweet and with deliciously juicy notes of peach and honeydew – This gem of a coffee immediately stood out when we were deciding which coffees to purchase. The complexity, high sweetness and balanced acidity comes together beautifully to show you just why we’re always excited when we can offer you fresh crop coffee from Ethiopia, and Yirgacheffe and Aricha in particular

Variety: Heirloom & Kurume

Process: Washed 

Altitude: 2150 m.a.s.l.

Harvested: January 2019

Taste notes: Sweet and structured with notes of peach and honeydew

El Salvador, Gilberto Baraona

“The farm Los Pirineos has been run by the Baraona family for over a century. Since 1890 they have been growing coffee at the top of the Tecapa volcano in Usulatan. Today it’s Gilberto Baraona who mans the helm at the farm and that’s where we first met him in 2014. Gilberto invited us to his home for barbecue and a cupping in his kitchen and besides his hospitality, he stands out as a multiple winner of Cup of Excellence in El Salvador. The growing conditions in volcanic soil and with cold nights make the maturation of this Pacamara variety slow and flavour development rich and complex.”

Variety: Pacamara

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1350 m.a.s.l.

Harvested: March 2019 

Taste notes: Elegant and velvety with notes of apricot and caramel

Costa Rica, Carlos Montero

“The Montero family have been producing coffee for three generations. […] In Tarrazu, Carlos and his family are all about community. A lot of the neighbouring producers see them as visionaries and leaders of the Tarrazu specialty coffee movement and look to them for inspiration and advice, which Carlos is always happy to give”

Variety: Catuai

Processing: White Honey

Altitude: 1800 m.a.s.l.

Harvested: March 2019 

Taste notes: Structured and creamy with notes of chocolate biscuit and ripe plum

Kenya, Githembe

“The season for Kenyan coffees is both anticipated and exciting for coffee lovers like us. The classic profile with heavy juicy notes of black currant and rhubarb are usually the most desired. We have however noticed a shift in profiles coming out of Kenya lately. Coffee Berry Disease and Leaf Rust, as well as climate change, have hit the coffee community hard. With this comes challenges and the need to adapt and overcome. That’s why we are seeing more varietals like Batian in our Kenyan coffee. Resistant to both diseases, high yielding and with a great cup score, it’s becoming increasingly popular. This is of course great news, but at the same time it’s changing the profile of the coffee. We’re seeing more citrus, apple and floral notes, less currant and rhubarb. This coffee is a mix of the typical Kenyan varieties SL28, SL34 and the resilient new-comer Batian. This gives us the best of the three: Notes of sirupy blackberry and complex and bright florals – as well as a more sustainable cup of coffee”

Variety: SL28, SL34, Batian

Process: Washed 

Altitude: 1800 m.a.s.l.

Harvested: December 2018

Taste notes: Sirupy and complex with notes of blackberries and rose petals


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