Piansa roastery

a year ago

Piansa roastery

Hey Malmö and hello 2021! A new year and we are certainly ready for this one. We will keep on working hard, smart and different here at Djäkne during this year. Some things will stay the same and some things will change, but more on that later. For this first month of this year we got some special for you… The roastery of this month:

Piansa roastery!

The history of the Italian brand Piansa Coffee is closely intertwined with that of the Staderini family: originally Pietro, founder of the brand in 1976 now his son Alessandro.

The story of Piansa begins with the love at first sight that has linked the Staderini family to the world of coffee.Piansa was from a family tradition that still lives today to the passion of Alessandro Staderini. For 40 years, Caffé Piansa has been researching the highesr qulity standards for its products, selecting the finest varieties of beans. Today Piansa prepares its blend and mono-varieties using artisanal processing techniques and satisfies the taste of each of its customers by offering coffee beans, ground, pods and capsules.

The coffee will be specified later on 🙂