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Rum Baba micro coffee roastery is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.🇳🇱 The roastery focuses on the characteristics and origin of the coffee, while seeking the right flavour balance.

The guys at Rum Baba continuously look out for great coffee with special flavour profiles and special origin characteristics. ☕️
Before roasting they select the coffee at farm level, knowing exactly where and how the coffee is processed, and striving for a sustainable production chain with mutual benefit.

Besides the fun and colourful packaging Rum Baba also has a bakery where they make bread and cakes.🍞🍰🍩🍪

During week 11 we serve the following coffees:

Espresso Name: Boji Variety: Mixed Heirloom

Process: Natural

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, floral, complex, medium acidity.

Filter Name: Los Idolos Variety: Caturra & Colombia

Process: Washed Origin: Nariño, Colombia.

Tasting Notes: Cherry, lemon peel, prune juice, tropical fruit, clean cup.

Name: Peru Florentino Variety: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Pache

Process: Washed Origin: Satipo, Peru.

Tasting Notes: Sweet pineapple, red apple, toasted hazenut, super clean cup. Hand

Brew Name: Ismael Serrano Variety: Catuai, Caturra Process: Anaerobic fermentation

Origin: Terrazú, Costa Rica.

Tasting Notes: Sweet & juicy, five spices, your grandma’s apple pie.

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