Slöinge kafferosteri

a year ago

Slöinge kafferosteri

Hello Malmö! November is steady moving on and we keep exploring new coffee here at Djäkne and at the same time supporting our locals friends from just a bit north from us. Let us introduce the roastery and coffee of this week…

Slöinge kafferosteri

This place is one of Sweden´s newest coffee roasteries and they are located in the old hotel of Slöinge. They opened the gates in 2013 and they are a so-called micro roastery that only roasts specialty coffee. Almost all coffee is organically grown and procured with as few intermediaries as possible also called Direct Trade. They are working with coffee from single origins. All coffee is gently roasted by hand in small batches. The coffee is roasted just so long that the complex acids and sugar are optimally highlighted.


  • Espresso

Name: Bryggkaffe

Origin: Brazil

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate and roasted cobnut

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Name: El Manantial

Producer: Samuel Zavala

Origin: Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Variety: Red Currant

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1500 masl

Tasting Notes: Sweet and balanced with hints of caramel and candied apple

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Name: Guji Kercha

Producer: Hasen Rormolo

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1900-2000 masl

Tasting Notes: Sweet, clean and very fruti with hints of strawberry, pineapple, vanilla and sweet citrus

Come down to our coffee bar to try them out for here or to go. // Team Djäkne.

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