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This week we are  going to be revisiting a Roaster, Taf, located in Athens, Greece.

“Taf coffee is based on the high quality coffee philosophy. Since 2006 that the research and creation of new infrastructure has started until today, Taf’s objective is to communicate the new coffee culture and to transfer the knowledge for high quality coffee. The achievement of this goal begins at the first stage of the coffee chain, from the seed and continues till the preparation of the final cup. In all the initial stages of the coffee chain there is transparency, from the research done to find exceptional coffees,

the direct relationship built with the coffee farms and the coffee producers adopting the direct relationship coffees model till the quality control at the plantations, the processing and the storage of the green bean”.

This week we will be featuring three coffees from Taf:

Nicaragua, La Delicias

“Finca Las Delicias is located in the area of Jinotega, at an average height of 1450 meters above sea level. This property is next to one of the Mierisch Farms called San José.

Finca las Delicias is a property that was acquired 3 years ago, and has become part of the legacy that the Mierisch family has in the coffee business for 5 generations. The Mierisch family invests in innovation regarding coffee processing and has a wide knowledge on high quality coffees. Las Delicias acquired the 4th place at the Cup of Excellence in Nicaragua in 2017”. 

Origin: Jinotega, Nicaragua

Altitude: 1450m

Variety: Yellow Pacamara

Processing: Natural

Tasting notes: Ripe Melon, Kiwi, Delicate, Juicy

Ethiopia,  Hariti

“This coffee is a wonderful mix of high quality washed coffee from neighboring micro farmers at the Sidamo Guji region. Hariti is the name of a flower growing in Ethiopia that women often put in their hair”. 

Origin: Sidamo

Altitude: 1750-1900m

Variety: Mixed Heiroom

Processing: Washed

Tasting notes: Bergamot, Spicy, Chocolate, Sweet Acidity, fine silky body, smooth

El Salvador, El Paradiso

“El Paraiso is a farm with a very sustainable and human-oriented operation. The producer, Claudia Mathies, is very focused on helping the local community, the farm supports the little church located nearby but also the local school. 

The coffee that comes from El Paraiso is a part of the Aida Battle Selection project, and is processed in Santa Ana in the designated for innovational and experimental processing part inside Aida’s family owned mill, Jhill. 

For the processing of this coffee, a specific type of yeast was used in order to elongate the fermentation time”. 

Origin: Santa Ana, El Salvador

Altitude: 950 – 1200m

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Yeast Fermentation

Tasting Notes: Herbs, Sweet Cherry, Marshmallow, Soft Acidity, Round Body, Perfectly Balanced


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