Your questions answered

If you are running an early-stage tech project or company, we would be happy if you send us your pitch deck to together with a description of the business opportunities and the challenges you are facing.

We get involved as co-founders in tech projects and companies at an early stage. We invest in your company and support your journey from startup to scaleup. So, if you are searching for a co-owner that also helps with business strategies, financing, tech development, product packaging, design, marketing and business network, Djäkne can be the right partner for you.

When a startup becomes a portfolio company at Djäkne, we are generous with our business network and help you find the right human resources for your board, management and organization, and also contacts within our investor network, authorities and media.

We recommend you to send an email to with a description of what kind of startups you are looking for.

Yes! Djäkne Coffee Bar is situated in the same house as Djäkne Startup Studio and you are warmly welcome to have a seat.

Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm. Welcome!

Tickets are sold at the counter during opening hours. The price is 149 SEK/day.

Yes, we have coworking day passes for 149 SEK/day. Welcome!

Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm. Welcome!

Yes, we have one big conference room that is suitable for up to 22 people.

Please contact us on