“They understand what it means to be a startup”


E-space was established in the late 90s and built up a solid customer base. Still the company didn’t really take off. The major challenge to growth was the old code base. Together with Djäkne Startup Studio, the product was rebuilt and the company successfully reshaped.

“They understand what it means to be a startup”

In 2017 Jonas Velander, CEO of E-space, decided to face the facts – E-space needed a complete transformation. He knew that Djäkne Startup Studio had tech specialists as well as experienced business strategists. He contacted them to sound out if a collaboration could be the solution for E-Space.

“We had no choice but to take care of the legacy and modernize the product that still had code from 1998… In addition, we needed a new business model and a new market strategy. Our aim was to shape a growth company. Djäkne Startup Studio was a good choice, because they are well experienced in taking companies from a base level to the top,” says Jonas Velander.

A fruitful collaboration

The same year, the parties decided to collaborate and Djäkne Startup Studio invested in E-space as active co-founders. A tech team from the startup studio began working on the product and Jonas Velander worked closely with Djäkne Startup Studio to reshape E-Space, including the creation of a new business model, a new market strategy and discussions about organization, ownership and financing.

“The guys at Djäkne Startup Studio really took us to heart from day one. Together we found new answers to the fundamental business issues. It’s clear that they understand what it means to be a startup. They are flexible and never push for a one-fit-all-model.”

Jonas Velander also appreciates Djäkne Startup Studio's long-term perspective on their investments.

“Their focus on building solid companies, not only making a lucrative business exit, gives startup companies breathing space to lay the foundations for growth. We are lucky to be in this context.”

Time to scale up

After three years of hard work, E-space completed a long-run of rebuilding the product while still delivering to current customers and reshaping the company. They were now ready to scale up.

“Finally, we could set off as the growth company we want to be,” says Jonas Velander.

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